“SOCIAL DISTANCING” very wrong words

When the epidemiologists wrote these words, they didn’t think about the power of words, and how much these words will have a wrong negative impact in our community. The correct words should be PHYSICAL DISTANCING, but WE NEED TO BE SOCIALLY CLOSER THAN EVER. We need to find alternative ways to communicate, to be in touch, and to socialize.

I can see already in our community every time that media says “SOCIAL DISTANCING” how wrong the words are. If you hear the words, it says “I don’t/can’t see you, talk, chat, and acknowledge you. Not just because the government is the source it means the words are right, and in this case VERY WRONG.

I don’t want to write more, just please, rethink the concept, be kind, find ways to keep supporting each other, and don’t allow your fear to make you act hostile.

If you agree, share this posting, and smile.

#rethinktheconcept #physicaldistancing #sociallycloserthanever

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