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Creative Romantic Gay Guy expressing myself in San Francisco. HIV +. Single. Looking for a Long Term Relationship. I'm a singer/songwriter, photographer, and creative individual; but also involved in community issues, especially about HIV and growing older. LOVE!



I am lucky to be here, alive, after the person who passed the HIV virus to me died in 1986. No hate, no bad story, I don’t even know if he knew about his health issues.

37 years of surviving, many times not sure if keep going or not, because for the last 15 years or so approximately, I’ve been living with chronic pain.I am part of the first generations growing older with HIV, part of the long-term survivors, using my voice and advocacy as much as I can, because we need you.

Recognizing all advocates who have done so much for others, many are gone, and many more still here, dealing with their health problems, while helping others, even a good percentage doing caregiving for parents, lovers, or friends.WE have to keep speaking up, tell our story, YOUR STORY, write about it, keep sharing your light because we don’t have only aches and pains, we have so much to give to others, so many strengths.

It’s not about having a special place at the table, but it is about HAVING A PLACE AT THE TABLE.

Let’s talk about the AIDS industry, let’s talk about if the agencies and organizations have adapted to the new demographics, where more than 50% of the people living with HIV are over 50 years old.In San Francisco, more than 70% of this community is aging with HIV.

Let’s have more intergenerational communication, let’s do more InterHealth collaborations with groups like HEALTHeVOICES – A groundbreaking leadership conference, WEGO, and THE MIGHTY. Let’s fight against Isolation and loneliness. Let’s do it TOGETHER.

Recognizing our allies as well, hugging you right now.

Thankful that I am an optimistic human, even if I cry many times every day. GRACIAS a todos los que me apoyan, and I hope I’m at least making you smile, or think about HUMANITY.

FELICES FIESTAS!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Difficult times, but let’s keep dancing and singing when we can.

Jesus Heberto Guillen Solis, your singing advocate.#againstageism #hivlongtermsurvivors #aging #together #juntos #LaTerceraEdad


Hello everyone, I just wanted to share with you some links where you can find us on different social media platforms. Let’s keep working together, supporting each other, and fighting against isolation and loneliness. ANY IDEAS?

Jesus Guillen HIV and Aging Workgroup  
HIV LONG TERM SURVIVORS International Network GroupEmojiFounder and Director
(415) 626 9077 H(415) 359 7178 cell

Link to free streaming of the Emmy awarded documentary “LAST MEN STANDING”



Dedicated to all the advocates gone and the ones still here.We should never forget what others have done for us and before us.We should always include all advocates who work for other agencies, not just the ones in your agency and organization; and the ones who are independent and at the same time collaborating with all of them/us.With humbleness, love, and respect, these words that flew from my heart a few minutes ago.


You are ART,

You are Iconic,

You are a body journal,

You are a memory of many,

You are herstory/history in a tear,

You are a SCREAM that never ends,

You are new doors for others,

You are, Beautiful Confusion as Picasso,

You are a PILL that rattles behind the MELODY OF LIFE,

You are a RAINBOW without the rain,but the RAIN without clouds,

You are ME, US, YOUand all the ALPHABETthat dances still over STIGMA,

You are a HEROgone and surviving still,

You are HOPE,seeds and falling leaves.



Jesus Guillen, a 37 years HIV LONG TERM SURVIVOR.



Hello family and friends!!!!

Please join us this upcoming FRIDAY, December 3rd, at 3.30 PM EST.

Join the conversation, let’s check on each other, and share some healing energy. I hopefully will give you at least a smile. Yes, it is a serious issue, but what is life without humor, still, it has been 40 years since the first cases of HIV/AIDS, and here we are, in the year 2021, after I was diagnosed with HIV in the year 1985. So much to talk about, so, I really hope you join me in this collaboration with REFRESH PSYCHOTHERAPY.

Thank you Lindsey Schafer for the invitation, and please everyone, help me share this with whoever you can, because it’s not just about HIV, it’s about mental health and coping skills in any area of our lives.

INSTAGRAM.#hivlongtermsurvivors #mentalhealth #HIV #thankful #agradecido


Hello family!!!!

THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU!!!! To #pozmagazine and to all my friends, health advocates family, as well to all of you survivors, and my #chronicpain brothers and sisters, I mean it, without you I would not be alive. A 37 years HIV LONG TERM SURVIVOR here. So many people had helped me in my journey, and many are gone – but always in my mind-. POZ magazine & Sean Strub, the founder of POZ magazine, were my inspiration and healthy push during the ’90s and years after, and for that, I’m very thankful. Somehow, for me it feels like a circle of life, maybe it’s the melodramatic stereotype of me as a Latino or just my expressive creative spirit talking. By the way, do not forget that we’ll have the pleasure to have a chat/interview with Sean Strub, at the end of this month, keep your eyes open for the information about it.GRACIAS!!!!! THANK YOU ALL AGAIN!!!! Help us to grow older with dignity.

“Understanding the of pain is very much in its infancy.”
The Feather and the Knife: Navigating Life With Chronic Pain…/feather-knife-navigating-life-chronic… via #pain #healthevoices #wegohealth
Jesus Guillen, your singing advocate. #singingadvocate #hivlongtermsurvivors


Do any of you suffer from Insomnia or night terrors?

I do, and of course, I keep looking for solutions

but also, of how to live better with these issues.

Let’s have a conversation.

Jesus Guillen, your singing advocate

#insomnialife #nightterrors #solutions #together #mentalhealth #PTSD #anxiety #dreams #sleep #survivors #chronicpain



This is what many of us with Chronic pain do, hiding in our bedrooms, and hiding from all of you. So painful, that my kitty feels me and she cries with me. This is our every minute reality, even if you don’t see it, and you see a smile. But inside we cry and cry. Thankful for you being there. #chronicpain #youmatter #juntos #pain #stopthehate #allies #understanding #wegohealth #healthevoicestribe #healthevoices Jesus Guillen, living with Chronic pain ( different sources)