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Creative Romantic Gay Guy expressing myself in San Francisco. HIV +. Single. Looking for a Long Term Relationship. I'm a singer/songwriter, photographer, and creative individual; but also involved in community issues, especially about HIV and growing older. LOVE!


Hello family!!! Hola familia!!

Muchos de ustedes saben que vivo con dolor cronico, pero no saben mucho de lo que mi jornada de salud ha impactado mi salud mental.
Many of you know I live with chronic pain, but you might not know much about how my physical health had impacted my mental health. I’m open about my living and surviving with ANXIETY and PTSD, and how one of the ways they show up in my reality is through trichotillomania, also known as trich, which is when someone cannot resist the urge to pull out their hair. They may pull out the hair on their head or in other places, such as their eyebrows or eyelashes. ( I’m thankful for my vanity, LOL, otherwise, hum ).

Estoy abriendo el libro de mi vida para hablar de mi supervivencia con ansiedad y estress post traumatico, y de como una de las maneras en que estos diablillos bailan en mi existencia es en forma de algo que se llama Tricotilomania, La tricotilomanía es la pérdida de cabello por las ganas de jalarlo y retorcerlo hasta que se desprende. Los pacientes son incapaces de detener este comportamiento, incluso aunque su cabello se vuelva más delgado. ( Estoy agradecido por mi vanidad, por que si no? ay ay ay!.

Gracias a todos/todas/es por su apoyo.
Thanks to everyone for your constant support.
Here I am if you want to chat.
Aqui me tienen por si quieren platicar.

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Wishing Happy Holidays to all of you. By the way, if anyone is interested in the T-shirts, designed by the amazing Gio Hdez, based on my own concept, let me know. We want to share them with as many people as we can, and most of the time I had given them as presents ( and I’m very happy about that ), but the reality is that I don’t have a lot of money. So, at least to get the money back, I’ll be asking for $18 dollars, plus S&H. You can send the check directly to my address Jesus Guillen, 300 Buchanan St. #209, SF, CA 94102. They are beautiful, I just love the concept for all survivors, and you know who you are. LOVE YOU ALL, always thankful for your support.



Today is June 5th, HIV LONG TERM SURVIVORS awareness day, and I want to share this small documentary/video that my amazing young Italian journalism student from San Jose State University, Alessio Cavalca, did with a lot of love.

Special THANKS to Bill Hirsh, and ALRP, for all they do for our community, so they are part of this video.

Alessio and I connected a few months ago, and he shared with me the fact that one of his cousins died of AIDS in the 80s, and his family was very close to him when that happened. He wanted to bring a little bit of hope to the newly diagnosed and also to the HIV LONG TERM SURVIVORS.

This is also for my part, a focus on how much we need more intergenerational communication.

I’m incredibly thankful to Alessio, as I am to Bill and ALRP, but I want to also send love to all the HIV-LONG TERM SURVIVORS today, who many feel invisible and not acknowledged.

We are part of the first generations growing older with HIV, and all we want is to grow older with dignity.

I am myself a 37 years HIV LONG TERM SURVIVOR, living with chronic pain, but somehow, I think I am lucky to be LIVING LOUD.

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Hello family! Please share this information with clients and friends



I really hope you can join us, and let’s make this event the largest gathering of HIV LONG TERM SURVIVORS EVER!!!! .

Huge thanks to VIC PERRI and AUSTRALIA.

Zooming Across The Pacific!

(AEST) 10am-12noon, Sunday 5th June

(PT) 5pm-7pm, Saturday 4th June


FREE event, but please register at the link here below.

For all people with HIV of all ages who identify as Long-Term Survivors. What is the most recognized definition of a long-term survivor? It is considered to be those who were diagnosed prior to the watershed year of 1996. This is when those who were newly diagnosed had the opportunity to commence HIV antiretroviral combination therapy and feel a sense of hope.

Join the Taking Charge Peer Support Network of Living Positive Victoria and Thorne Harbour Health as we have a discussion with the HIV Long Term Survivors International Networking group. Based in San Francisco, this group is a grassroots movement that began in 2015 and has almost 5,000 members. We’ll share stories and personal insights as we mark HIV Long-Term Survivors Awareness Day. We’ll have the opportunity to explore both the commonalities and the differences between the Australian and American epidemics.

Register Now! Zooming across the Pacific

What is HIV Long-Term Survivors Awareness Day?

The selection of June 5 for this annual observance coincides with the anniversary of the first official reporting of what became known as the AIDS epidemic on June 5, 1981. When the CDC first reported on five cases of a mysterious disease affecting young gay men. June 5, 1981, is considered the start of the AIDS pandemic.

Don’t forget to check out our ‘Well beyond 50’ website. It has some great feature stories as well as plenty of useful information. WELL BEYOND 50

Taking Charge is a partnership between Living Positive Victoria and Thorne Harbour Health.

For more information contact Vic or Gerry or message Jesus, admin of the HIV Long Term Survivors international network


AH! PTSD. I think many times in my life, I didn’t grieve my own living with dying, my own getting sick. many of us just had to keep going, simply live. I was a new immigrant in this country, and I was just learning to speak English, and I had to work if I wanted to eat. So, yes, I learned I was HIV positive, but….I couldn’t stop my life to cry and experiencing mourning. Right now, I was watching a TV program, WHY WOMEN KILL, and there is a moment they mentioned this lesion in the skin, and this guy covering it with makeup, and…..I was back there when I was told about my status, when I experienced KS, when I run out of a doctor’s office when I was simply learning English, working in Jack in the Box, and pursuing my dreams. While, at the same time, I knew I could die tomorrow. I started crying a few moments ago, and I know somehow I’m here, and I’m thankful, but I also live with chronic pain, so the reminder never goes away. Our lives! Please keep telling your stories, keep speaking up, and keep sharing, because we understand each other, I know that. If anyone would like to share their story in zoom for this group, please contact me. We need to keep doing it. Thanks to all of you for being there, for supporting me and each other, in so many ways. #HIV #hivlongtermsurvivors #AIDS #aging #survivors



Friday at 3 PM Pacific time

Stories of the HIV/AIDS pandemic

Jesus Guillen is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Nurses on the INSIDE- Stories of the HIV/AIDS epidemic

Ellen Marzer and Valery HUghes
Time: Apr 15, 2022 03:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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USCHA scholarships

Hola Familia!!!!!
Deadline: Friday, June 3, 2022
NMAC offers several scholarship opportunities to support attendance. In addition to our general scholarships, we have several programmatic scholarships for youth, people living with HIV age 50 and older, long-term survivors, and social media fellows. Below is a description of each scholarship category.

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