AH! PTSD. I think many times in my life, I didn’t grieve my own living with dying, my own getting sick. many of us just had to keep going, simply live. I was a new immigrant in this country, and I was just learning to speak English, and I had to work if I wanted to eat. So, yes, I learned I was HIV positive, but….I couldn’t stop my life to cry and experiencing mourning. Right now, I was watching a TV program, WHY WOMEN KILL, and there is a moment they mentioned this lesion in the skin, and this guy covering it with makeup, and…..I was back there when I was told about my status, when I experienced KS, when I run out of a doctor’s office when I was simply learning English, working in Jack in the Box, and pursuing my dreams. While, at the same time, I knew I could die tomorrow. I started crying a few moments ago, and I know somehow I’m here, and I’m thankful, but I also live with chronic pain, so the reminder never goes away. Our lives! Please keep telling your stories, keep speaking up, and keep sharing, because we understand each other, I know that. If anyone would like to share their story in zoom for this group, please contact me. We need to keep doing it. Thanks to all of you for being there, for supporting me and each other, in so many ways. #HIV #hivlongtermsurvivors #AIDS #aging #survivors


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