Invitation from PLUS MAGAZINE


We have a great invitation from PLUS MAGAZINE and our friend Desiree Guerrero, I hope we count on you:

Hola my friend,

Thank you again for your time and patience! I so enjoyed talking to you yesterday, it’s been too long! Anyhoo, I had an idea for a story about your LTS group…I was thinking maybe a few members might be able to answer some questions about their own personal journey living with HIV and how the group has helped them. This can be totally anonymous if they choose. I have created a quick questionnaire below for folks who want to participate. They just need to email their responses to me at XOXO,Desi


Answers can be as brief or lengthy as you’d like, and feel free to skip any!

Please choose how you’d like to be addressed if published:

First & last name: First name only: Anonymous: What are your preferred pronouns (he, she, they, etc): What is your age: What do you do with most of your time? (work, go to school, care for family, volunteer, retired, etc) When did you first discover you were living with HIV? What was that experience like for you? What has your journey since that time been like? Have you found sufficient support and ways of coping? What do you feel are the biggest challenges facing long-term survivors today? What do you do for fun and stress-relief?

OPTIONAL: If you do want to share your story publicly, you may also attach a photo of yourself. Please send image files straight from the source (your phone or camera) and not images downloaded online. This ensures the pictures are high enough quality for print purposes. Please email responses to

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