I am lucky to be here, alive, after the person who passed the HIV virus to me died in 1986. No hate, no bad story, I don’t even know if he knew about his health issues.

37 years of surviving, many times not sure if keep going or not, because for the last 15 years or so approximately, I’ve been living with chronic pain.I am part of the first generations growing older with HIV, part of the long-term survivors, using my voice and advocacy as much as I can, because we need you.

Recognizing all advocates who have done so much for others, many are gone, and many more still here, dealing with their health problems, while helping others, even a good percentage doing caregiving for parents, lovers, or friends.WE have to keep speaking up, tell our story, YOUR STORY, write about it, keep sharing your light because we don’t have only aches and pains, we have so much to give to others, so many strengths.

It’s not about having a special place at the table, but it is about HAVING A PLACE AT THE TABLE.

Let’s talk about the AIDS industry, let’s talk about if the agencies and organizations have adapted to the new demographics, where more than 50% of the people living with HIV are over 50 years old.In San Francisco, more than 70% of this community is aging with HIV.

Let’s have more intergenerational communication, let’s do more InterHealth collaborations with groups like HEALTHeVOICES – A groundbreaking leadership conference, WEGO, and THE MIGHTY. Let’s fight against Isolation and loneliness. Let’s do it TOGETHER.

Recognizing our allies as well, hugging you right now.

Thankful that I am an optimistic human, even if I cry many times every day. GRACIAS a todos los que me apoyan, and I hope I’m at least making you smile, or think about HUMANITY.

FELICES FIESTAS!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Difficult times, but let’s keep dancing and singing when we can.

Jesus Heberto Guillen Solis, your singing advocate.#againstageism #hivlongtermsurvivors #aging #together #juntos #LaTerceraEdad

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