Hello family!!!!

THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU!!!! To #pozmagazine and to all my friends, health advocates family, as well to all of you survivors, and my #chronicpain brothers and sisters, I mean it, without you I would not be alive. A 37 years HIV LONG TERM SURVIVOR here. So many people had helped me in my journey, and many are gone – but always in my mind-. POZ magazine & Sean Strub, the founder of POZ magazine, were my inspiration and healthy push during the ’90s and years after, and for that, I’m very thankful. Somehow, for me it feels like a circle of life, maybe it’s the melodramatic stereotype of me as a Latino or just my expressive creative spirit talking. By the way, do not forget that we’ll have the pleasure to have a chat/interview with Sean Strub, at the end of this month, keep your eyes open for the information about it.GRACIAS!!!!! THANK YOU ALL AGAIN!!!! Help us to grow older with dignity.

“Understanding the of pain is very much in its infancy.”
The Feather and the Knife: Navigating Life With Chronic Pain https://poz.com/…/feather-knife-navigating-life-chronic… via #pain #healthevoices #wegohealth
Jesus Guillen, your singing advocate. #singingadvocate #hivlongtermsurvivors


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